Marketing Strategy Workshop FAQs

Help With Marketing FAQs
Is Marketing Strategy London Workshop For Me?

The Marketing Strategy London Workshop was created for small new businesses owners, as well as directors, trustees or marketing professionals from organisations. New start or existing organisations from private, public and third sectors from all industries operating in b2b and b2c markets are invited to attend.

Are Other Organisations Present At A Workshop?

No. Every organisation has different requirements. The Marketing Strategy London workshop is most effective when focusing on only one organisation.

What Is Usually Covered in the Workshop?

Our Marketing Strategy London workshop is dynamic and therefore adapts to the specific requirements of an organisation. Before the Workshop commences, we’ll establish the main areas that an organisation needs to strengthen.

Areas covered can include; identifying and developing a core idea and values, understanding proposition and unique perceived benefits, reviewing current brand identities and existing marketing and communication material, understanding current and potential customer journeys and analysing and creating target market segments.

How Many People Can Attend?

The Marketing Strategy London Workshop is most effective when the number of attendees is capped to 4 people.

Where Do The Workshops Take Place?

The Workshops are usually delivered from our offices in London and the North East, but can be delivered at any agreed location throughout the UK.

How Long Do The Workshops Usually Last?

Around 6 hours, with a half hour break for snacks and refreshments.

What Happens After The Workshop?

Usually within a week of completion, a summary of the areas covered and an action plan report can be provided. More comprehensive Marketing Strategy documents and reports can also be created.