Marketing Strategy Workshop

Marketing Strategy Workshop

To successfully deliver business development or marketing activity, an organisation needs a clear and well defined marketing strategy. Simple, effective strategic planning can help organisations to attract new customers, reach their full potential and ultimately deliver better profits.

The development of a corporate or brand identity and any related marketing material and campaigns will always deliver greater results and higher return on investment when proceeded with our Marketing Strategy Workshop.

The structured, yet informal workshop, which usually takes around 6 hours, including a half hour snack and refreshment break are usually delivered from our offices in the North East or London, but can be delivered at any agreed location.

The workshop is dynamic and therefore adapts to the specific requirements of an organisation.

Various areas can be covered, including;

Identifying and developing a core idea and values

Understanding proposition and unique perceived benefits

Exploring brand architecture and structure

Reviewing current brand identities and existing marketing and communication material

Understanding current and potential customer journeys

Identifying potential and existing customer contact points

Analysing and creating target market segments

Basic competitor research

Initial development of a marketing plan.

A summary of the areas covered and an action plan report can be provided after the Marketing Strategy Workshop.

This workshop was created for small new businesses owners, as well as directors, trustees or marketing professionals from larger organisations.

People who benefit the most are usually concerned with the effectiveness of their marketing, reviewing current activity, launching new products and services or planning some major marketing activity in the near future.

New start ups or existing organisations from private, public and third sectors from all industries operating in b2b and b2c markets are invited to attend.